Talent Acquisition:

Having more than 11 years of experience in IT Services, VAMDAM built proven Talent Acquisition Methodologies, collectively called VTAM, which are industry-specific as well as technology-specific.  VTAM enables our customers bring the best talent on board.

VAMDAM understands what it takes to deliver a successful project. High-tech systems can’t achieve business results unless the workers that develop, customize and use them are in sync. Sourcing IT projects with talented workers can yield best results when the workers strike the balance between technical skills and soft skills.

We have built a home-grown resume base of 30,000 IT workers. Time is of essence in recruiting the best candidates. Since the database has complete tracking record of prior checks, it reduces sourcing turnaround time significantly.

Hiring team at VAMDAM subjects the applicants through multi-level screening that includes technical check, soft skills check and thorough background check before bringing them onboard. Our background verification process includes employment verification, education valuation, reference checks, drug tests, credit checks and criminal check based on the requirements of our customers.