VAMDAM provides flexible business models for IT Outsourcing. From infrastructure, connectivity and Project Management Office, we deliver turnkey development centers, application centers and product centers with associated services for global companies to leverage resource, expertise and time zone advantages.

Flexible delivery and process transparency are the cornerstones of our superior service. Choose the approach that works best for your project and VAMDAM does the rest.

VAMDAM provides

  • Onsite Delivery
  • Offsite Delivery
  • Hybrid Delivery
  • Benefits of adaptable delivery

Your project is completed using the most appropriate combination of one, some, or all of these delivery models for your unique situation. To have your technology project completed on your terms, contact VAMDAM.

Salient Features of our onsite-offshore model:

  • Onsite/Offshore Development Centers assessed to ensure world-class security features for client data and information.
  • Disaster Recovery plan with a strong back-up and storage system.
  • A well-coordinated global workforce management ensures low overheads and quick ramp up of a flexible team size that can meet tight deadlines. Periodic training and upgrading of employee skills ensures state-of-the-art solutions as well as employee retention.
  • Benefits of adaptable delivery

In today's global economy, corporations strive continuously to improve their IT performance and manageability, while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improving Return on Investment (ROI) at the same time. At VAMDAM we believe that complete optimization across time, cost, quality and security would be feasible only through matured, transparent and automated project management, communication and source delivery processes through a combination of Onsite, offsite and offshore locations. VAMDAM's GDM is a robust process to carry out the tasks where they can be done best, in the most economic sense, and with the least amount of acceptable risk.


With its Global Delivery Model, VAMDAM provides services that help an organization to outsource the responsibility of developing, maintaining and managing the application systems. VAMDAM guarantees determined levels of service in terms of availability of the applications to run the business operations, cost reductions, improved responses & time-to-market. Some of the services covered are.

The Global Delivery Model provides greater project control at each stage, faster ramp-up, and greater responsiveness to offshore projects. VAMDAM provides you the right mix of services creating the right solution at the right price.

  • Reduced Operating Costs and Total Cost of Ownership
  • High Return on Investment
  • Reduced Time to Market
  • Highly Scalable
  • Access to Best Talent Pool in the World
  • Cost Reductions by 30% to 70%
  • Back-up facilities, as part of a geographically dispersed disaster recovery strategy
  • 24X7 development