About Us.

VAMDAM is an award-winning IT Solutions company specializing in Business Intelligence. During the past 11 years in business, we have built more than 300 happy customers nationwide. Some of our customers are listed in fortune 500. We earn repeat business through superior service quality, high accountability and guaranteed delivery. By providing best BI practices by industry’s best, VAMDAM has steadily helped customers get 360 degree business insight leaving no stone unturned. Many of our clients rely on us to exclusively source their contract positions.
VAMDAM provides

  • Turn-key IT solutions in Business Intelligence. We build decision support systems that enable companies to make informed decisions.
  • Professional services in wide-range of IT application landscapes.
  • IT Services in end-to-end Enterprise Data Management

Customers leverage VAMDAM’s full service offerings including Data Integration, Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Data Loading, Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Conversions, Data Migration, Data Cleansing, Data Massaging, Data Scrubbing, Data Profiling, Data Normalization, Data Quality, Data Integrity, Data Governance, Data Stewardship and Data Anthropology.

Core Values


Be completely open in our communication with employees, customers, partners and suppliers. We don’t promise big. We deliver what we promise.

Family Values

Sharing is caring. Provide personal care and attention to each and every VAMDAM. Provide an opportunity to learn from one’s own mistakes. Give personal warmth and attention to every individual.

Culture of Leadership

Build a culture of leadership. Everyone in our company is a leader of his own role and responsibilities. We ask ourselves of three magic questions that promote leadership.

  • How do we get better? (Continuous improvement)
  • Is this really important? (Prioritization)
  • How can I help you? (Team work)


Periodic Executive Sessions, Leader of Month Award, Employee of the Month Award, VAMDAM of the Month Award, Friday Informal Lunches, Hygiene Teams and Team Building Games like PRISE are all part of this initiative.


Create a happy and healthy workplace. Spread job satisfaction and happiness among employees. Keep clients and suppliers happy by resorting to high ethics.